Rain, Beer and Sex

Ahh...no better combination to top off a rather supendous week(even if I do say so myself).

I haven't been spending as much time infront of this computer, which must mean I'm finally getting a life (god forbid).

Yes, under that veil of techie-like knowledge hides a guy who is really quite shy and abit unsure of himself. I come across quite confronting and sarcastic to some people, yet others think I'm sweet and innocent, depending on their perspective.

The truth is, I am a rebel at heart. Yes the style of music im listening to and the fighting spirit say it all.I don't mean to talk myself up at all, but yeah, I guess I'm also abit arrogant.

Just waiting for someone to pull me down a peg or two. Don't think I'll ever meet such a person though. Thought I met one about a year and a half ago, but that turned out to be a goat pellet liquifying in the rain. (incubus' beware! criminal playing in the background)

Don't get me wrong. When I say I want to meet people, I genuinely do. I mean really meet people. And I don't believe in rendezvous or affairs or dates or flings either. I'm practically one-woman-man so you can scrap that idea before it takes graphic form in your delusional little mind. I'm not some those archetype bacolod boinoys looking for abit of action on the side. Just would like to meet someone, a female, that thinks the way I do.

I would say I'm extremely happy but I'm not. Life is not an easy thing. Anyone who tells you it is has to be bullshitting. I'm sure theres more to this asthetic world than meets the eye, and that both excites and disturbs me.

Some people assume that because I do rock at programming and have an impressive web design portfolio and won the best thesis that I have it made. I kid you not, its taken me ages to get to where I am now. Hours of studying, years upon teenage years of self loathing and then finally "getting it" and working with it. Yes I'm smart. I know this. Don't bother to tell me because you're only feeding my supercharged ego.

Some people assume that because I like doing photoshop that im a "computer guy". Tsk.

Give me something that is a radically new concept. Throw it at me, and watch me struggle to embrace it.

Though I might struggle, I will enjoy the challenge.

Nevermind me. Just my subliminal backlog rambling at the moment. It craves release in some form or another. If it found it's way into my dreams I'm sure it would drive me insane. Oh, maybe thats whats happened to me. Would explain alot, I guess.

Anyway, I have said my piece. If you are a similiar person to myself, please say yours.

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