Birthday Realizations..

im officially 24 years old. damn.

time keeps on slipping...when you are young you never thing about time. young people have all the time in the world. i forever believe that time extends itself one hour just for kids. they can have more fun than I have to get work done. kids never have to worry about anything except running out of ideas for fun and play. on the same token, we as young adults were once like that; but as we got older things changed little by little. as time passed we gradually had a better understanding of sorts of the challenges that were before us in life. we had to learn how to do all those things that we used to rely upon somebody else to do [mother, father, yayas etc...] so here we were trying to do it ourselves. good or bad, the attempt was supposed to benefit us in some manner. to what extent, we weren't real sure.

our lives are focused on things that are supposed to help us in some way. our work is supposed to supports us or our families whatever the case might be. everything we do and say reflects on us as being a beneficial part of society. in many cases we are looked upon with high standards by family, friends, and community. we have to be able to represent whichever area at any given point in time. all of that responsibility can be hard, if not very difficult to handle by most people. the younger you are the harder is to deal with it. i guess it goes to show that with age comes wisdom. yes, the wisdom of the sages. wisdom that used to be surrounded by unimportant facts and details that as a child never was or served any importance to us. so why now? why is it so easy for us to understand? have we finally become the people that used to hold that position? have we finally come to a realization that life is best lived when you are older? i don't know; but the pieces are slowly falling into place. Seems like things you never thought about seem to happen as you age. parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc all begin to pass away. these are the people that you looked up to. these are the people that you remember as being the ones that lifted you up to the sky; played trumpo with; went to an excursion with. these are the people that were supposed to be there for you whenever you needed them. however, somewhere along the line you forgot about the the fact that everybody grows old...even you.

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