if you want to know yourself, try solitude

i just realized that living a life of seclusion is also good, but just not the extremes, you can discover lots of stuff about yourself when you withdraw yourself from other people. there'd be no judgements, influences and whatever.

and you could do so much stuff that you can't do when your with people who'll nag you about it. kinda bummed that i can't find a something to download. ive been waiting for incubus' alive at red rocks on azureus since this afternoon to finish its downloading. its 1.36GB, and 8 hours left to 100%.

the reason is that im currently into may 'new' thing right now, the solitude part, stupid, is that she went to manila for her vacation and ive got this cool webdev job and im working at home! its four hours a day and its more than enough to pay bills. -- which is a good thing because going to bacolod is like a 'much-anticipated' event. lol. which reminds me i have to go there tomorrow for the required caffeine overload session with friends.

oh please comment. hehe at least ive got to know there's some bloke whose actually reading my blog.

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