down to 13 days

we're the 5th group in our presentation. im in the process of making the administration modules. its the first time that i felt that im gonna beat the deadline. (ive set it to be this saturday) had this nifty javascript+css hack. spent 2 days of my life trying to get it to work. its still buggy though. i dont know why it crashes at a certain line in the script especially when i get to set the script to display >4 rows, it returns something like memory failure. but the report works so far, its like looking at a ms explorer interface. or an excel spreadsheet with movable columns for data and all. demo.
went on a drinking spree last night with friends at bodega [warehouse kuno kung sa mga feeling classy kag pa sosyal na naga kadto to..] and later, to draft. playing was jasper and his band, called barbie na doll. they play purely OPM covers and sometimes craftily interjects it with parts from foriegn songs.. mayonnaise's jopay then mixed with simple plan's perfect then bob marley's stir it up and then back to jopay. the band's funny without being corny. barbie almabis was also there too, i dont know what's she's doing here at bacolod.. "barbie with barbie na doll"..hahaha she played only one song: 'the dance' -- which is what ronnie and i requested. got home around three. feeling psyched to continue the work again.

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