why morning coffee is the best

everyday for the past 2 years, i wake up and go to jaja's and have my first doze of caffeine. that more or less within an hour after i get up from my bed and go back refreshed and psyched up after that. the coffee costs only Php 5.00 and can rival the one served at bacolod's top coffee shops. only one shop can match jaja's flavor: burgos street's la corona.. but that's another story. at jaja, its there where i usually get to plan out my day's activities. have some deep thinking. going there is like routine for me. most of the waitresses know what to serve me: 1 'laban' -- thats how they call the mocha-like coffee and 2 sticks of marlboro. i stumbled upon this article that says that coffee could be a health drink. wow. great. well, study showed the same about alcohol. but it doesn't mean getting drunk every day is a healthy thing to do, as is maintaining a caffeïne addiction. moderation in things is key i believe. i just know that quitting the whole coffee-addiction had benefits for me personally. try going to cafe bob's, bo's cafe..the current craze of coffee in bacolod has coffee-drinking purists blurt out: people perceive coffee drinking as socializing. drinking coffee would be like another night out at some exclusive bars. its like youre 'in' if youre drinking coffee. tsk tsk tsk. posers.

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Kahlilotzkiedoodledee said...

Went to Cafe Bob's a week ago to munch on their tasty calzone when I noticed a bunch of posers. Why i knew they were posers? No coffee drinker would ever use refined sugar. There were another group of techie wannabees aswell with their laptops and all gadgets and gizmos trying to figure out how to connect to the wifi net. duh!?... bakal na ta laptop poi? :)