Love is more than teenage foolishness. Love is for a lifetime. It shouldn't be hurried. Love, I think, should be taken slowly but surely. It's the best option I can think of and which I would prefer.

How many, I wonder, fall in love almost perfectly. I (and the One) want to be just like them. I don't want to fall in love perfectly with you today and not have you tomorrow. I'm scared of losing you I thought I was supposed to have forever. It's an ugly thought I want to forget but I simply can't. I fear it might happen to me and if that ever happens, (which I hope won't!!!) I'd be too weak to handle the situation I am in. Just like a line from a song, when I fall in love (I hope) it would be forever. Yeah, it might be too cheesy (love, love, love!), too idealistic (one true love…forever?), and too selfish of me but if God could read this, would He let me have the sole thing I want in the whole universe?

...and wait! Would you let me have it, too? Would you help me? I thought the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve what we want. Would you prove that by helping me too? Or would you prove me wrong? So, what would you do?

Im still here ah... waiting.. and you know that..

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~yna~ said...

hhhhmmmm, touchy... so touchy. just be sure she reads this though. :-) missing you na! grabe!