not graduating? nah... its okey..

"patience is the ability to bear affliction, delay, any interruption with calmness, perseverance and confidence in the goodness of God. It is inward peace as well as outward control. It is the submission of our schedules, our viewpoints, our dreams to the greater plan of God, with the conviction that He has a very good reason for every delay He allows to come our way."

im okey with me not being able to graduate this october, after listening through backtothebible's broadcast on being patient, i have found the ultimate peace of mind. now tomorrow, i have the courage to tell mom about me to finally finish my degree on march, instead of october this year. and gel couldnt be more right when she replied to me, after telling her about my evaluation result, that its's God's will that i wont be graduating on october. and of course, being delayed by one sem means that we'll have an extra semester to spend more time together.. but that's another story.

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~yna~ said...

what a super vague entry. hahaha. ummm, but good luck in telling your mom about the news. and good to know that you had kept a positive mind on this, though i know (do i???) that you have alot of reasons to stay happy about it. Dont loose hope. take your time. you have a year to make it... and guess what... its 365 dayS not just two semesters!!! u know...