saturday last week, i went to a place where people, as social beings, usually hang out during weekends. hanging-out typically includes cruising, and staring at strangers, with almost everyone wanting to prove that at the end of the day, human beings are sexual beings.

i haven’t gone out for a long time, (besides the night before concert by south border), and I was kind of excited about it. But when I got there, I got peeved by the enormity of the crowd. I’ve always had this deficiency in social (and moral) fiber, it’s inborn, I can’t help it. It’s weird, I so wanted to go, but then the moment I got to the place, I was disappointed.

It’s like most intimate relationships, most people want to be in one, and when they do, they wonder why they asked for it in the first place. Then, they’re forced to stay because they feel that that’s the decent thing to do.

Grrr. People don’t mean anything anymore, they’re doing everything out of convenience.

I’m raising both my hands, I’m guilty of the same crime.

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